Working Papers

Finseth, R.  Optimal Recovery Planning of an Endangered Species Under Multiple Uncertainties.  2018.

Finseth, R.  Subpopulation Triage and the Endangered Species Act. 2018.

Finseth, R.  Optimal Stop/Start for an Endangered Species Captive Breeding Program. 2018.


Finseth, R. and J. Conrad. 2014. Cost-effective recovery of an endangered species: the red-cockaded woodpecker, Land Economics. [link]

Sheldon, D., B. Dilkina, A. Elmachtoub, R. Finseth, A. Sabharwal, J. Conrad, C. Gomes, D. Shmoys, W. Allen, O. Amundsen, and W. Vaughan. 2010. Maximizing the spread of cascades using network design, Proceedings of the 26th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI-10). [pdf]

Work in Progress

Finseth, R.  Binary Control of a Stochastic Pest, with Jon Conrad. 2017